Emergency help for UAE Cat Sanctuary

16TH APRIL 2024

This private sanctuary is home to 250 rescued cats and serves as an important back bone for thousands of stray and abandoned cats. Rescuers rely on this shelter for emergency boarding and health care for their colonies. 

On 16th April 2024, the biggest ever storm caused flooding and damage across the UAE. The sanctuary was hit badly. All animals are safe but the sanctuary urgently needs your help to restore the place. Below are scenes from the sanctuary:

Large scale damage from strong winds and heavy rain have destroyed roofing, ceilings and walls for animal rooms and staff bedrooms.
Help restore the private sanctuary to happier times…

This is a private request to support the direct costs of the following:

  1. Secure the structure of buildings

  2. Drain flood water before disease

  3. Replace roofing and ceilings

  4. Repair walls and fencing

  5. Remove fallen trees

  6. Restore electrical power

  7. Replace cat beds and carpets

Please support this private request using this form. 100% of your contribution will be used for this sanctuary repair only.

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Total: £101.00

UPDATE: 19th May 2024

Thanks to everyone who has helped restore this important sanctuary. Work has almost completed. Majority of the roofing has been restored but two important zones are still not yet prepared due to the lack of the remaining funding require.

Thank you for your support. Please help raise the remaining £1,700, we are almost there.

UPDATE: 3rd May 2024

UAE was hit again yesterday with heavy rain but luckily this time it was not as bad as the huge storms that devastated this sanctuary 2 weeks ago. Thanks to your support, this sanctuary had already installed water proof roofing the day before the rain. All animal rooms remained dry. Some other spaces are water logged but the teams are draining them quickly.

Thank you for your support. Please help raise the remaining £2,200, we are almost there.

UPDATE: 27th – 30th April 2024

1001 thanks to everyone who supported rebuilding this important sanctuary. Work is under way. All areas drained from flood waters and damaged roofing, smashed walls and fallen trees removed. The grounds are drying out and materials have been ordered to fix the damaged rooms and roofing.

Additional support of around £2,700 is needed to reach the amount required to restore the sanctuary. 


UPDATE: 20th April 2024

Huge thank you to everyone who took swift action to support in the last 48 hours. Please help achieve the support that is needed. 

Teams have started working to clear the damaged areas and removal of flooding water.