School of Heroes for Animals

"Transformative YouTube Kids channel filmed from our 1001 Paws rescued animal sanctuaries."
Ahmed Salim, Founder 1001 Paws
If, like us, you love animals and share concerns bringing up Children, then 1001 Pawsies brings hope!

We’ve combined animal welfare and education experts to produce 1001 Pawsies A YouTube children’s channel aiming to captivate young minds and inspire a lifelong love for animals.

Filmed at our 1001 Paws Animal Sanctuaries where rescued animals take centre stage as we tell stories of transformation.

Join us, become an Executive Producer or Sponsor and your contribution will help us inspire Children with values and skills for a brighter future.

1001 Pawsies online school nurtures compassion, responsibility, curiosity and so much more. Children join us to:
    1. Explore our animal sanctuaries
    2. Give a voice to the voiceless, who need us the most
    3. Learn how to care for furry companions
    4. Make friends with animal heroes

Support the Channel

Be an Executive Producer
  1. With a contribution of UK £21 per month, you become an Executive Producer for 1001 Pawsies YouTube Channel. 
  2. We mention all Producers in the descriptions of every episode. 
  3. Your contribution helps produce the videos.
  4. Your contribution directly support animals in 1001 Paws Sanctuaries. 
  5. You get to suggest topics for future video episodes.
Sponsor Episodes
  • With a contribution of UK £201 per month, you or your company can become a sponsor of the 1001 Pawsies Youtube episodes.
  • We acknowledge Sponsors in each episode. 
  • Your contribution helps produce the videos.
  • Your contribution directly support animals in 1001 Paws Sanctuaries. 
  • You get to suggest topics for future video episodes.
Our mission is to empower young individuals with the knowledge and skills to become advocates for animals. Together we can create a world where animals are treated with kindness, respect, and empathy.

Sami Yusuf (International Composer) with Ahmed Salim (Founder 1001 Paws)

How your SUPPORT helps

Animal Welfare
Your support directly helps 1001 Paws organisation to work to prevent cruelty and protect animals from abuse, neglect and exploitation. Some of the ways in which we do this are to:
  • Promote compassion and empathy towards animals
  • Teach children about animal behavior and their habitats
  • Educate on responsible pet ownership
  • Teach the importance of animal rescue and rehabilitation
  • Reduce the number of needless animal deaths
  • Support education for animals in need and their caregivers
  • Help children understand the negative effects of animal cruelty and abuse
  • Enhance children’s knowledge and awareness of animal welfare
  • Foster a sense of purpose and engagement in children towards animal welfare
  • Promote humane treatment of animals
Raise Awareness
Your support helps raise awareness and promote positive attitudes and behaviours. We do this by ensuring that we:
  • Instill values of kindness, respect, and responsibility towards animals
  • Foster a love and appreciation for animals and nature
  • Help children recognize the importance and relevance of animals to their own lives
  • Encourage children to make positive changes in their own behavior to help animals
Sustainable Practice
Your support helps protect animals and their habitats and promote sustainable practices. This is achieved when we:
  • Teach children about wildlife conservation
  • Encourage children to take action in animal conservation efforts
  • Guide children to understand how their actions can impact animals and their environment
  • Encourage children to become environmentally conscious
  • Promote a healthy and sustainable environment for both animals and humans
  • Help children understand the impact of human development on animal habitats
  • Promote the need for animal sanctuaries and preservation projects
  • Teach children the effects of climate change on animal populations
Connected Communities
Your support helps create connected communities of all ages that are committed to making positive changes for animals by ensuring that we:
  • Foster a sense of community and social responsibility among children
  • Provide multicultural learning and understanding of different animals around the world
  • Set an excellent example for children to become engaged and proactive citizens in promoting a better world, both for themselves and for their animal friends
  • Teach children the value of teamwork and problem-solving skills
  • Create a more compassionate future for all

VALUES we teach

  • Courageous – we teach children how to be brave enough to advocate for animals in world where they might face many challenges
  • Responsible – we teach children how to take ownership of the decisions they make, being dependable, keeping promises and honoring our commitments
  • Empathetic – we teach children how to emotionally understand what animals feel, see things from their point and view and imagine themselves in their place
  • Creative – we teach children to generate a range of possibilities to solve problems
  • Determined – we teach children how to set goals and achieve them
  • Inquisitive – we teach children to be eager for new knowledge about animals
  • Virtuous – we teach children to give the best of themselves, to benefit animals
Topics Taught

We offer a range of educational content designed to inspire and educate children about animal welfare. Popular topics include: animal care and welfare, animal rescue and rehabilitation, animal advocacy and awareness.

Children learn about animal care, nutrition, grooming, and the importance of providing a safe and loving environment for animals. We help them to understand the basics of animal rescue and how to provide rehabilitation and care for injured or abandoned animals. 1001 Pawsies also focuses on educating students about animal rights, conservation, and raising awareness about animal cruelty issues.

We encourage animal lovers of all ages to join us in our mission. Whether you’re a student, parent, educator, or animal enthusiast, there are many ways to get involved. You can subscribe to our Youtube Channel, like and follow us on social media, share our content and spread awareness about animal welfare in your community.

The IMPACT we want

  1. Improved Social Skills: Interacting with animals has been linked to improved social skills in children, including better communication, cooperation, and empathy with others. (Purewal et al, 2017).
  2. Reduced Stress and Anxiety: Children who interact with animals have lower levels of stress and anxiety, which can lead to improved mental health. (Zerzog, 2011)
  3. Physical Health Benefits: Children who have pets or interact with animals are more likely to engage in physical activity, which reduces the risk of obesity and other health problems. (Acar & Torquati, 2015)
  4. Better Emotional Regulation: Interacting with animals has been shown to help children regulate their emotions and cope with challenging situations. (Covert et al., 1985)
  5. Increased Self-Esteem: Children who have positive experiences with animals report higher levels of self-esteem and self-confidence. (McNicholas and Collis, 2001)
  6. Improved Cognitive Development: Studies have shown that children who interact with animals have better cognitive development, including improved problem-solving skills and higher academic performance. (Svensson, 2014)